No additional scholarships will be awarded through June 2019. Please check back later for more information. Thank you! 

Scholarship and Tuition Assistance Opportunities



Are you a member wanting to further your education? Are you a director/administrator looking for ways to support your staff's continuing education? We may be able to help!


WHAT is the Scholarship/Tuition Assistance Program?


The Scholarship/Tuition Assistance Program is designed to promote continuing education opportunities to individuals employed in an early childhood education program by awarding a student up to $1000 per year.


WHAT Continuing Education Opportunities are Eligible for Scholarships/

Tuition Assistance?


Funds are awarded, as a reimbursement, towards any of the following:

  • A completed, with a passing grade, college course. The course can be one that is required to complete an early childhood degree or a course in a related field/major/degree that is included on the PA Keys to Quality Early Learning Career Lattice.

  • Director Credential coursework (PA Key approved) or renewal

  • CDA course instruction (for credit or non-credit)

  • CDA assessment fee (if not eligible for PA Keys CDA Assessment Voucher Program)

  • CDA renewal course instruction and application fee

  • Education-related expense fees, such as technology fees, course fees, or books

Applications to other tuition assistance programs must be requested before making application for the CAAEYC Scholarship Tuition Assistance Program. Find information about tuition assistance programs at Financial Assistance.


The number of scholarships awarded is based upon the financial resources available to the Scholarship/Tuition Assistance Program. In the case of limited funds, awards will be prioritized as follows: CDA or Director’s Credential, AA, BA or BS, MA or MS, PhD.   


WHO Can Apply?

  • Applicants must be a current member. Membership can be found at: Membership

  • Applicants must be employed for at least 20 hours/week in an early childhood program. Programs may be public, private, family or group child care, including children birth through age 8. **We encourage those working in other programs that support young children to apply, and these applications will be considered on an individual basis.

  • Applicants who work directly with young children in early learning settings 3ill be prioritized. 

  • Those applicants who are working in other programs that support young children willl be considered on an individual basis, as fundnig allows. 


WHEN Can I Apply?

  • Members may apply at any time during the CACPennAEYC fiscal year (September 1- August 31).

  • Reimbursements will be awarded three times each year, January, June, and September. These dates allow for students to complete college courses and receive their grades. Applications of those not working directly with children will be considered by June 31, before the end of the fiscal year.

  • Assistance may be for one or more courses in one or more semesters/year, not to exceed $1000 awarded per year.

  • Awards will be distributed in 60 – 90 days after the application is submitted.


HOW Do I Apply?

  • Review the Application Instructions Checklist to understand the process.

  • Collect your transcript with completed grade(s), Student Schedule Bill and all receipts.

  • Apply for other tuition reimbursement opportunities first, if eligible: Rising STARS, TEACH, CDA Assessment Voucher (if appropriate).  Refer to the link above: “Financial Assistance” Collect appropriate documentation.

  • Make sure your application is complete and submit either online to or hard copy to: CAPITAL AREA SCHOLARSHIP/ TUITION ASSISTANCE, P.O. BOX 347 Grantham, PA 17027


WHAT if I Have Questions?

    Contact either of the following individuals:   Bev Goodling:  


                                                                    Sue Mitchell:

***It is highly recommended that applicant make a copy of all items in packet to keep for your records***